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Teflon free, caring for your mechanic!

Ecogrease is for quick release pins, seat posts, pivots, bike building and other grease applications. Grease will get on your hands, so ours doesn't contain Teflon/PTFE or petrochemicals. In fact we've had mechanics call in to say thanks, having suffered dermatitis in the past from the toxic less caring brands out there.

We had one older gentleman approach us at a trade show asking how we made it so durable - he had used some on his bike shed bolt, which was still there are year later! It uses special plant extracts to make it tenacious, and lubricating.

Ecogrease will biodegrade after its life on the bike - it needs the warmth, moisture and bacteria in the soil to break down back into the environment.

Why use Ecogrease? Grease is for bearings, but mainly parts which don't move much. For example, a quick release pin or thread on a seat post. Pedal threads, pivots and seat post shafts also require grease.

Grease is not really for chains as it can attract dirt when exposed. Unless you have a completely sealed chain chamber perhaps. Ecogrease is best for parts that you move occasionally, or move a little. Ecogrease stops parts seizing up essentially.

How to use Ecogrease
The first formula of Ecogrease was a little thinner, but its now thicker and more durable. We therefore recommend taking the whole cap off to squeeze it out.

Ecogrease - remove whole cap, not just the top bit

Ecogrease is used on the assembly line of a couple of bike companies now, for a healthy workforce.

How is Ecogrease green?

The Earth

- It contains only natural ingredients
- Ecogrease contains no PTFE or petrochemicals.
- The bottle is made from 100% recycled plastic

Recycling information

Here are the recycling codes for Ecogrease:

Ecogrease recycling codes



Product reviews

Well, its grease, so kind of boring to test.
A couple of magazines have though


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'....Green Oil's grease has worked well so far during a wet British summer....'

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'...Surprisingly hardy and versatile...'

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'Works nice. Does what it should. Nuf said.'


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"Only used a few times so far but its pretty good. Wasn't sure what to expect but it's fine for mech joints etc."

".It does the job very well."

" Durable, Great Value, High Quality"

"Certainly a lot easier to clean up than copper grease, and doesn't leave you with dirty hands!"

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