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Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly
Revolutionary On Chain Degreasing Gel!

- Made in Britain
- Unique gel formula- easy to apply
- Can be diluted to make 1 litre of Green Clean bike cleaner

Clean Chain degreaser was developed due to two frustrations with other degreasers.
1- They are runny
2- They are often petrochemical based, damaging your skin, garden and environment

Clean Chain is a degreasing jelly, so it sticks to the chain for effective degreasing.
Clean Chain degreaser is 100% biodegradable, utilizing naturally derived ingredients.

Clean Chain degreaser jelly

Why clean your chain?
Layer upon layer of chain lube can build up into a mess. Pollution in the air can pollute your chain, and mud and road dirt can also make it dirty.
A clean chain with oil on can be over 99% efficient.

How to use Clean Chain Degreasing Jelly


1. Apply liberally to the chain whilst spinning the cranks.

2. Ride the bike for a minute to work Clean Chain degreaser in, shifting through the gears.

3. Next, wipe the chain hard with a dry rag.

4. Soak your Green Oil Drive Chain Brush in water.

5. Wipe or scrub the chain again with a wet rag or Green Oil Bicycle Brush.
(It helps to do this on the top part of the chain, keeping the chain tight by holding the cranks in place)

6. Rinse thoroughly by pouring water on from a jug or watering can whilst turning the cranks backwards. Leave to dry, or dry with an old towel.

How To

Can you use Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly in a Chain Bath of mechanical chain cleaner?

You can also use 30ml Clean Chain and 60ml water mixed together in a chain bath. This is where you take the chain off the bike, and leave it in a small but of this solution for 2-4 hours. Then wipe clean.

The same mix can be used in a chain cleaning devise, up to 1 part Clean Chain to 3 parts water.

Clean Chain can also be mixed with 900ml water to make a whole litre of Green Clean bike cleaner!

Top Tip: Use a dish washer!
Coat your bike chain in clean chain degreaser then put it in your dish washer on the top shelf. Make sure it's secure. Run with dishes as normal, and your chain will come out clean! It's like having your own industrial parts cleaning machine!

Clean Chain degreaser can be cleaned in a dishwasher
How is Clean Chain degreaser jelly Green?

The Earth

- Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly is based on a special coconut oil based detergent
- Its bottle is 100% recycled plastic, and easily recyclable
- Clean Chain is 100% biodegradable after its life on your bike

Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly doesn't contain any petrochemicals. We use a special detergent made from coconut oil, apple and orange peel extracts alongside other naturally derived ingredients for powerful degreasing performance.

How to refill Green Clean bike cleaner

*You can use Clean Chain degreaser with water to make a whole litre of Green Clean bike cleaner. This means less water being transported around, and therefore a lower carbon footprint.

1. Pour 100ml (the contents of one bottle) of Clean Chain into an empty Green Clean bottle
2. Pour in 900ml water. Use water butt rain water if possible, or warm tap water.

NB. You don't have to measure out 900ml - simply watch the water rise until it goes a bit over the label.

Recycling information

Green Oil UK Limited will pay you 10p in cash for your old Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly bottle. Selected retailers will refill your bottle for a 10p discount. This concept is widespread in most countries where deposit bottles are used for beer and other drinks. See us at the next trade show for your 10p in cash!

You can of course though recycle your Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly. The cap is made of 'polypropylene' - plastic type 5, and we're honest about it - most council recycling bins in the UK don't take plastic type five.
Please rinse and recycle the bottle after removing the cap. Here are the recycling codes:

Green Oil chain lube recycling codes



Clean Chain Degreaser 2020-



  Cycling plus Best Buy Award

Cycling Plus verdict: 9/10

Eco-Cleaner that doesn't compromise on performance

We assumed this new, green bike cleaner might give us a warm feeling inside for doing ‘the right thing’ for the planet but wouldn’t actually get the dirt off the down tube. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it really works!

- Product test in Cycling Plus, December 2008, page 58.





  Ride IO logo

This is possibly the thickets degreaser you will find and means that you don’t have to take the chain off for a good clean.

- Product test by Tim Sadler at Ride.IO







  Washing Machine Post

i have spent much of my career, degreasing chains by spraying them with gt95 and wiping them clean with a sturdy rag. those, however, were the old days, now superseded by use of the delightfully aromatic green oil chain degreaser, followed by a link by link drop of green oil for effective lubrication. .

- Product review by Brian of the Washing Machine Post







Is it working? And how! We put a layer on the chain, while the drive, wipe with a cloth, brush our example. An old toothbrush,  rinse with water and that's it! No matter if you remove the oil "winter" or "summer" - in both  cases degreaser worked as advertised.

- Review by BikeWorld.PL






and four stars!

..An eco-friendly equal to traditional degreasers...Simple, clean and very effective.

- Review by Shan Audane, November 2009.






...a concentrated degreaser that works brilliantly for chains and would work well in a chain cleaning device....Kind to the environment and really works...

- Average Joe Review by, October 2009.
Click to see the full review.





Wiggle logo


'Smells great (!!??!!) works very well...Buy some!'
'I am happy to be green if it works and is good value, like this.
'It removes almost anything you want to throw at it, can be diluted to use a bike wash and even removes oil stains from your clothes!'

- A selection of user reviews from The 4.5/5 is based on an average of all the user reviews. Click to the left to see the full reviews.




  Bicycle Navi logo

This review is in Japanese therefore could say anything.
It looks positive though!

- Bicycle Navi, September 2009 page 100.




' really well not only on your chain but on all the other parts that may have collected dirt over the years.'

- Review by Lyndon,




Dirt Magazine logo

...Great products that leave you with a clean conscience as well as a clean bike!

- Review in Dirt Magazine, December 2008, page 110.
Click on the logo to see the full review.




Chasing Trails logo

...A decent chain cleaner has to be a money saver...

- Review by Chasing Trails. Click for full review.




Road CC 4/5 award for Clean Chain degreaser

...every bit as effective as those derived from petrochemicals without damaging the environment or bank balances into the bargain!...

- Review by Click for full review.


  Lust Bikes

'I’ve been scrubbing way this morning and the bikes came up a treat using your products, very impressed.
Also i dont have a headache ,that would normally come with breathing in the usual degreasers, a real bonus!
Great to chat at the show and i came away thinking that my business should and will be more environmentally aware from now on, we’ve only been going 8 months but i think its important to develop into a green company, so thanks'

- Review by Mark Sigley, Lust Bikes

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  For Safety Data Sheet, email usemailor click here:Clean Chain Degreaser Jelly Safety Data Sheet    






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