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If Green Oil is biodegradable, will it break down quickly on my bike?


No. Warmth, moisture and bacteria are required for our products to biodegrade. Our lubricants last in excess of a month on the bike chain. Some oxidation (reaction with oxygen in the air) with occur, but this occurs with petrochemical products too. A plant based anti-oxidant N-toc reduces oxidation which occurred on in our first Green Oil chain lube formula.
Green Oil fluids break down once they in the environment, not on your bike.

    What is the shelf life of Green Oil's lubricant and other fluids?
Does it biodegrade on the shop shelf?
More than 3 years. With the cap on, oxygen to feed any bacteria in the bottle is kept out. The products are stable for more than 3 years on a shelf, even in day light. This is based on an actual 3 year test, we've not tested beyond this. It's assumed the products will last beyond 3 years easily.              
    Is the Green Oil range suitable for vegetarians? Yes. We don't use any animal by-products.              

Is the Green Oil range suitable for vegans?



Possibly. We use bees wax.
When bees are bred, the they are given more food than they need, to make extra wax and honey.
So it's not cruel.
Some vegans don't like bees wax, some do.
Only our Dry Chain Wax and Ecogrease contain bees wax. And a tiny amount is used as a polish on the Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush. Other than, the products are all animal and animal by-product free.
(We use soya and coconut milk in the office fridge you might like to know!)
    Are any Green Oil products tested on animals? None of the Green Oil range has been animal tested. The only animals we test on are you the rider.
In the spirit of Anita Roddick, we are against animal testing.

Other brands say their products are recyclable, yours say RECYCLED, what's the difference?



'Recyclable' means a product can be recycled. This phrase is often misleading.
For example, a polystyrene food packet covered in ketchup might say 'recyclable' on it.
In reality, most recycling bins don't accept polystyrene, especially when dirty. Recycling it would contaminate a batch of plastic, meaning a load of plastic going to landfill or being incinerated - instead of being recycled.
The word 'recyclable' is usually meaningless greenwash without recycling codes or proper recycling information.
However, lots of plastics are recyclable - it's pretty standard.

'Recycled' means the plastic contains recycled content. This helps close the loop.
We use 100% recycled plastic bottles. 80% from bins like yours at home, and 20% bottle factory off-cuts.

What's wrong with PTFE?



Firstly, PTFE makes a carcinogen in its production called PFOA.
Lean more here.

Secondly, PTFE is not biodegradable. It accumulates in the environment and body tissue.

Thirdly, PTFE is a polyfluorinated chemical. Watch Greenpeace's video on the harm caused by polyfluorinated chemicals here.


I found another lube claiming to be biodegradable.

What's special about Green Oil?

Under outdated but still in force rules based on OECD guidance, a lubricant only has to be 60% biodegradable within 28 days to be called 'biodegradable'.

So the other 40% doesn't have to be biodegradable.

One company even puts PTFE in their lube, and still claims that it's biodegradable.

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube is 100% biodegradable. Learn more on the difference in this video.

We use denatonium benzoate in our Dry Chain Wax and Agent Apple degreaser, an environmentally friendly molecule which tastes bitter - to stop people drinking the alcohol content in the product.
This is not biodegradable, and is used at less than 10 parts per million.

Our products are 100% biodegradable.
With the exception of Agent Apple and Dry Chain Wax which are are over 99.99999% biodegradable.
With the remainder being environmentally inert.
    Why does your bottle cap look similar to the one or two other brands? They copied our packaging. And no we didn't get any money from them!              
    Is the 'Pure' range looks similar to Green Oil made by you?
No. It is made by a brand which also makes really toxic lubes, and which uses PTFE. They just created a 'green range' to steal our market share. They still actively market their non-green products. Click to learn more.              

What is in the products?

Our plant based formulas are generally a trade secret. We've already had our packaging ideas stolen by competitors, our style stolen by two, so we keep the formulas a secret. We do use a special coconut oil based detergent for our Green Clean bike cleaner, plant based alcohols, fruit based and crop based oils among the 27 different plants used.              
    Is the Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush made of badger hair? Happily, No. The Bicycle Brush uses a plant based fibre bristle.              
    Where you on Dragons Den? Yes. Green Oil's founder Simon was on Dragons Den. Days of preparation resulted in a short feature on the show. And no investment.              

























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