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Green Oil started with a sample batch in 2007 when the Tour de France started in Trafalgar Square, London. Empty bottles purchased through Ebay, bottles filled through a reclaimed beer tap and labels designed in Microsoft Word, printed onto paper and applied with glue.

We've come a long way since, check out how our branding has changed, and the range grown.


Green Oil Wet Chain Lube 100ml
- Prevents rust
- Reduces wear
- All conditions lube
- 125 + Miles between applications
- PTFE free and 100% biodegradable

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube was developed out of a frustration. Other lubes were petroleum based, mostly contained PTFE and even said 'Dangerous for the Environment' on the bottle.
Green Oil is a biolubricant. It's made from plants instead of petrochemicals.

Green Oil Wet Chain Lube is 100% biodegradable.
Not 'biodegradable with PTFE', a line some brands suggest.
Apply to the inside of your chain for one length, spin the cranks.
Wipe off excess with a rag to keep the chain nice and clean - you only need the oil between the links where the friction occurs.

  Green Oil Dry Chain Wax 100ml
- Dry conditions lube
- Utilizes natural wax
- Great for commuters
- No trouser leg stains
- PTFE and petrochemical free dry chain wax

Wax lubes dry to leave a semi-dry waxy film on your chain.
Wax lubes are great as they attract less dirt, especially good for very dry dusty trails.
Many wax lubes contain PTFE, which makes a carcinogen when it's made.
PTFE doesn't biodegrade. We use natural waxes instead of paraffin wax, and a plant based solvent from sugar grown here in the European Union.

It's green, and performs.



Green Oil wet chain lube





    Green Oil
On Tour 30ml

- Mini bottle for touring
- Pocket and saddle bag sized
- Re-fillable
- PTFE and petrochemical free

Ideal for touring, it's also re-fillable.
Small enough for your pocket or a saddle bag. The new bottle is made from recycled plastic, and can be re-filled with 30ml of your favorite lube.
  Seeds Around 100 seeds per pack!
- Either Rocket Salad or Basil
- Hand packed and grown in the UK
- 100% recycled paper packet



Green Oil On Tour


    Ecogrease 200ml
- Ideal for pivots etc
- Thick formula
- PTFE and petrochemical free
- Now fits most most grease guns.

Mechanics regularly work with grease. They get it on their hands.
It's morally wrong that other brands use petrochemicals and PTFE. PTFE makes a carcinogen when it's made, accumulates in body tissue and the environment.

Ecogrease uses natural crop based oils, rubber extract and other natural ingredients for most grease applications. It also fits most grease guns in its new tube.


Ecogrease tube

    Green Oil EcoSpray Lube (400ml)
The eco friendly spray lubricant:
- Displaces water
- Lubricates
- Protects from moisture
- Quick and easy to use
- Fluid content 100% biodegradable
- Comes with straw for hard to reach areas

Released in April/ May 2017, we secured funding to produce this product through Kickstarter. See more by clicking below.

  Green Oil Bamboo Detail Brush
Bamboo and Bioplastic!

- Ideal for fine cleaning parts in degreaser
- Bioplastic nylon bristles
- Sustainably sourced bamboo handle
- Great for hard to reach places



Green Oil EcoSpray Lube   Bamboo Brush            
    Green Clean
300ml, makes 1litre
- Powerful bike cleaner
- Garden safe
- No petrochemicals
- Has pistol mode!
- The World's greenest bike cleaner
- Nanotech free

Carbon fibre safe, easy to use.
Some bike cleaners use nanotechnology and are not good for the environment.
Green Clean comes with a 300ml concentrate inside, you add the water when you get it home. This means a lower carbon footprint - most cleaners are over 90% water anyway.

Clean Chain Degreaser

- Degreasing gel
- Easy to apply to chain
- Makes 1 litre cleaner
- Plant based
- Sticks to your chain, scrub it off to clean!

Clean Chain degreaser makes chain cleaning easy!
Put it on your chain. Spin the cranks for a few seconds.
Rub it off with a dry rag, then repeat with a wet rag or brush. Then rinse.
One bottle does 7 - 10 chains.

One bottle can also make a whole litre of Green Clean bike cleaner
- mix with 900ml water.



Green Clean bike cleaner


Clean Chain degreaser jelly            
    Drive Chain a Brush
Designed to last, not wear out fast!

- Built to last OVER 10 years!
- British made
- FSC certified handle made from sustainably sourced wood
- The most durable luxury bicycle brush on the around

Fed up of plastic brushes made in China?
This was inspired by a cheap plastic brush that had spikes for a handle which digs into soft wet fingers. The plastic bristles also clogged up.

The Drive Chain Brush is different.
This brush is luxurious, it's made in the UK and even the print on the handle is biodegradable.
It's designed to last more than ten years.
The wood is FSC certified - we're not destroying rainforest to make it.
The bristles are tough - you can scrub a chain really heard - they won't wear out or fall out quickly. Grime doesn't stick to them easily. It works.
Also the World's first bicycle product with FSC certification - a stamp of approval from the Forest Stewardship Council.
For frame cleaning etc
- Carbon fibre safe
- Soft and durable
- Made from recycled fabric
- Can be washed in a washing machine!
- Helps stop fabric fibres going to landfill
- Quality thick fabric



Green Oil Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush


Green Oil Ecorag            
    Agent Apple Extreme Immersion Degreaser
For immersing grimy chains
- Extreme power
- Works within minutes
- Ideal for immersing products in - scrub and make shiny again
- Makes the grimiest chains with several layers of oil and mud shiny within 5 minutes.
- Re-usable more than 3 time. Incredibly powerful.

Some 'orange peel' degreasers use petroleum.
Agent Apple doesn't. It's strong, and re-usable too.
Place your chain, cassette or other metal part in a half milk bottle, pour in the Agent Apple and it will start eating away the grime within 5 minutes.
A light brush with a toothbrush will shift any grime previously stuck on.
  Bike Armour 60mm x 17mm
- Protects frame from cable rub
- Real metal blend
- Covers carbon fibre chips

- Seals potentially rusty paint chips
- Covers scratches and more, looks great on any bike
- Peel off back and apply. Simple.


Agent Apple degreaser   Bike Armour            
    Eco Rider Deluxe set

- Green Oil Wet Chain Lube
- Two bike stickers
- Ecogrease
- Green Clean
- Clean Chain
- EcoRag
- Tub for water or storage of our products
- Includes the FSC certified Ergonomic Drive Chain and Bicycle Brush
- Perhaps the best cyclist gift you'll ever buy

The Eco Rider Deluxe set tub is made from recycled plastic. However, in the UK, it's difficult to recycle this type of plastic (type 5, 'polypropylene').
Therefore, the Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe set includes a pack of seeds - you can grow your own salad or herbs to give the tub a second life!
It's also great for storing the products neatly in your garage. Make sure they're dry first though.



Eco Rider Deluxe set        
Scooter Bearing Lubricant
  Sk8 Oil
Skateboard Bearing Lubricant
    ScootFruit   Skate Oil 30ml          

- We discontinued a very small number of items.
Cick for the Archive, here.
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