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Green Oil Fluids don't cause PTFE and Petrochemical pollution
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Click to select the World's greenest range of bike maintenanace products:


Its important to maintain your bike.
A dash of oil on the chain every so often prolongs the life of your chain. Its a quick and easy job.



Green Oil
Wet Chain Lube 100ml

- Prevents rust
- Reduces wear
- All conditions lube
- Award winning performance

rrp £5.99
Green Oil chain lube Green Oil Dry Chain Wax 100ml

- Dry conditions lube
- Utilizes natural wax
- Great for commuters

rrp £6.99
White super dry chain wax            
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  Green Oil
On Tour
mini bottle

- Ideal for saddle bags
- Can be refilled
- Available at selected stores

rrp £2.39
Green Oil On Tour mini bottle                
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      CF3 re-usable spray lube can            

Products for the workshop
The workshop was a nasty toxic place before Green Oil!




Ecogrease 100ml
- Ideal for pivots etc
- Thick formula

rrp £5.99

Ecogrease 100ml

CF3 (refillable)
Can be filled with:
- Green Oil
- White
- Clean Chain
+ Its re-usable
- Convenient spray can
- No harmful propellants

rrp £6.99

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CF3 Power Pack
- Straw Adaptor for the CF3 unit
- Makes spraying more accurate
- Contains straw and button

rrp £1.00

CF3 power pack                
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cleaning products for your bicycle                    

A clean bike is a healthy bike.
Keeping your bike clean generally makes it run more smoothly.
At the least, wipe down your chain with a rag after riding. If you properly degrease your chain, it reduces grime build up, and therefore friction. A clean chain lasts longer, and a clean bike feels great.


Green Clean

- Powerful bike cleaner
- Garden safe
- Carbon fibre safe
- No petrochemicals
- Has water pistol mode!
- Cross-cycled drinks cap

- Super light. 300ml concentrate makes 1 litre - just add water.
rrp £7.99

Green Clean bike cleaner Clean Chain

- Degreasing gel
- Easy to apply to chain
- Makes 1 litre cleaner
- Plant based formula

rrp £3.99
Clean Chain ecological degreaser            
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Agent Apple

- Super powerful degreaser
- Immerse products in it
- Works within minutes
rrp £6.99

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Agent Apple                
  Ergonomic Drive Chain and
Bicycle Brush
For sprockets and more

- Ergonomic
- Designed to last
- UK Made
- FSC certified handle

rrp £9.99
Green Oil Bicycle Brush

EcoSponge 3
Fair trade bike sponge

- Fairly traded
- Soft and durable
- Compostable after life
- Carbon fibre safe

rrp £3.99
Also part of the Eco Rider Deluxe set below

Ecosponge, fairly trade bike frame cleaning sponge            
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Green Oil sets                    
Its good to give.
The Eco Rider Deluxe set is a great gift, for friends, loved ones, or the in-laws. It contains our best award winning Green Oil products. The tub can't be recycled (most council's don't take polypropylene, or plastic 'type 5' to most people). So, to get around this moral dilemma (we don't put 'please recycle' on everything from dodgy plastic to nuclear waste like some other brands), we've included a pack of seeds! These can be grown in the tub after, to grow your own salad or herbs!

Eco Rider Deluxe set

- Green Oil chain lube
- Bicycle Brush
- Two bike stickers
- Ecogrease
- Green Clean
- Clean Chain
- EcoSponge
- Tub for water...
And a pack of seeds!

rrp £34.99

Green Oil Eco Rider Deluxe set        
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